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Aviation History And Aircraft Photography

Virtual Aerospace Museum Tours

Peterson Air & Space Museum

T-33A Shooting Star

The Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star was the USAF primary jet trainer for decades. The T-33A is based on the P-80, which was the first US fighter jet produced in quantity.

F-86L Sabre Dog
The North American F-86L Sabre Dog is an advanced version of the F-86 Sabre. It features a large nose radar above the air intake. Earlier versions of the Sabre achieved a 10 to 1 kill ratio in the Korean Conflict.

F-89J Scorpion
The F-89 Scorpion is an early all-weather jet interceptor built as a replacement for the WW-II era P-61 Black Widow. The J model was built to carry the Genie nuclear-tipped missile.

F-94C Starfire
The F-94 Starfire was built as an interim interceptor jet and missile platform. It is based on the P-80 and T-33 airframe with a more modern wing and the addition of an afterburner.

F-101B Voodoo
The F-101 Voodoo is a member of the Century Series of jet fighters. It is a large aircraft built for flat out speed. It was so fast that many were adapted to the aerial reconnaissance role. This F-101B was transferred to Canada where it served for nearly 25 years.

The F-106A Delta Dart is another member of the Century Series. It was used as an interceptor for air defense. Like the earlier F-102 Delta Dagger, the aircraft features a large delta wing.

F-106A Delta Dart

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