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Aviation History And Aircraft Photography

Virtual Aerospace Museum Tours

Peterson Air & Space Museum

F-4C Phantom

The twin engine F-4C Phantom was the primary US Air Force and US Navy air superiority fighter during the 1960s, and flew in front line service through the 1980s. It is still used by several air forces overseas.

F-15A Eagle
The F-15 Eagle has been the primary USAF air superiority fighter since the early 1970s, and has only been augmented in that role by the F-22 in the late 2000s. The A model is a single seat version.

CF-100 Canuck
The CF-100 Canuck is a two-seat all-weather jet aircraft developed by Canada to patrol its vast northern airspace. The Canuck was introduced in 1952 and served for 30 years.

EB-57E Canberra
The B-57 is based on the Canberra aircraft built by the English Electric Company. The aircraft was converted from metric to English and produced by Martin in Baltimore. This EB-57E was built as a target tug for gunnery practice, and then was converted into an electronics aggressor platform.

EC-121T Warning Star
The EC-121T Warning Star is the pride and joy of the Peterson Air & Space Museum. Based on the Lockheed Constellation airliner, the aircraft features two very large radomes above and below the fuselage. The Warning Star served from 1955 to 1982 as an airborne early warning system that often worked to fill in gaps in the DEW line. This aircraft has been meticulously restored and maintained by museum volunteers, several of whom flew many hours as Warning Star crew.

EC-121T Warning Star

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