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DDA40X Centennial #6930
Illinois Railway Museum
Union, IL

Centennial Locomotive #6930

Centennial #6930 on display at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois. Union is about 20 miles east of Rockford on US-20. The IRM claims to be America's largest railroad museum. They feature a variety of retired Chicago street cars, interurban equipment, and mainline equipment from all eras. Based on many photos of #6930 pulling trains and located in various different parts of the museum, it appears that this Centennial is in operating condition. The IRM regularly has operating weekends, and has special events on major holidays in the summer where they operate just about everything that they can muster.

Update—In speaking with a member from the Illinois Railway Museum, I learned that #6930 no longer has operational diesel engines. It does, however, have an operational set of controls in the cab. As a result, they can lash up a group of locomotives, and #6930 can control the group of locomotives using its cab controls.

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