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DDA40X Centennial #6944
National Transportation Museum
Saint Louis, MO

Centennial Locomotive #6944

Centennial #6944 on display at the National Transportation Museum in Saint Louis, Missouri. The museum itself is located in a historic location, the site of the first railroad tunnels to be built west of the Mississippi River. The museum site is outside of the I-270 beltway, and you really do need a map or a very, very good set of instructions to find it.

Once you eventually find the place, you are rewarded with a very nice museum that features all kinds of vehicles including cars, a boat, a few airplanes, trucks, a bit of farm equipment, and a lot of railroad equipment. This is also the home of Big Boy #4006. The trains are kind of jammed in there, so they are hard to photograph. On the plus side, nearly all of the locomotives allowed cab visits.

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