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DDA40X Centennial #6922
Cody Park
North Platte, NE

Centennial Locomotive #6922

Centennial #6922 is on display at the railroad display within Cody Park, on the north side of North Platte, Nebraska. Cody Park is named after William F. Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill. The railroad display is on the far east end of the park. Also on display is a Challenger steam locomotive. The museum is open May through September. In this case, I arrived a little after closing time when it was near dark, but I was still able to get a reasonable photograph.

North Platte is home of Bailey Yard, the largest railroad classification yard in the world. The complex covers 2,850 acres and stretches over 8 miles in length. The yard handles about 500 rail cars per hour, dispatches about 300 locomotives a day, and repairs about 750 locomotives per month. When you visit North Platte, take the time to visit the Bailey Yard observation platform.

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