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Highways, Byways, And Bridge Photography
McGinty Road Bridge (East)
Minnehaha Creek Street Crossing
Minnetonka, MN

McGinty Road Bridge (East)

• Structure ID: NBI 27633.
• Location: River Mile 19.2.
• River Elevation: 920 Feet.
• Structure Type: Street Bridge.
• Construction: Prestressed Concrete Girder.
• Length: 50 Feet, 48 Foot Longest Span.
• Width: 52 Feet Curb-To-Curb, 4 Lanes, 66 Feet Overall.
• Height Above Water: ??? Feet.
• Date Built: 1981.
The McGinty Road Bridge (East) carries 4 lanes of traffic across Minnehaha Creek. It is located at the site of the 19th century Minnetonka Mills grain mill and factory complex. The mill dam had a 12 foot head. The high water behind the dam was able to support steam boats. It is hard to envision large boats operating at this location today given that the creek is just a trickle of water a few inches deep much of the year.

This bridge is called the McGinty Road Bridge. That is despite McGinty Road crossing the Minnehaha Creek about six-tenths of a mile to the west of Plymouth Road. The reason is historical. McGinty Road once crossed Minnetonka running generally east and west, but curved down to the southeast towards Minnetonka Boulevard. That diagonal section was cut in half when Interstate Highway I-494 was built. The western section was bent south along the west side of I-494, crossing the Minnehaha Creek on the west side of the freeway. The eastern section of McGinty Road once crossed the creek at the location of the present day Plymouth Road, but when Plymouth Road was upgraded in the early 1980s, McGinty Road was terminated about a block north of the creek. The McGinty name, however, is still used for this bridge.

The photo above is the downstream east face of the McGinty Road Bridge as seen from the south shore of the Minnehaha Creek. The photo below is looking north across the bridge deck from the southwest corner of the structure. Plymouth Road curves to the northeast about a block north of the creek. The cut-off section of McGinty Road branches off to the left.

McGinty Road Bridge (East)
McGinty Road Bridge (East)
The photo above is looking west towards the upstream west side of the McGinty Road Bridge from the north shore of the creek. The photo below is the west face of the bridge as seen from near the northwest corner of the structure.

McGinty Road Bridge (East)

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