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All Star Game Peanuts Statues

A Photo Tour Of Peanuts Character
Statues Produced For The 2014 Major
League Baseball All Star Game

Major League Baseball has established a tradition in recent years of running baseball theme statue displays in the All Star Game host city. This has included arches in Saint Louis, apples in New York City, and Mickey Mouse in Anaheim. Given that Charles Schultz was a Twin Cities native, it is only natural that Charlie Brown's baseball team be featured for the 2014 All Star Game at Target Field in Minneapolis.
Peanuts On Parade
The 10 statues were unveiled on May 28 in Rice Park in downtown Saint Paul. The statues will remain on display there through June 16, then be moved to the Minneapolis Convention Center for activities related to the game. After the game, the statues will be auctioned off for charity. A line of limited edition miniatures will be available for sale.
Peanuts On Parade
This is the logo statue. It features a baseball with the logos of all 30 MLB teams, plus Snoopy, the most famous beagle to ever play baseball.
Peanuts On Parade
Charlie Brown is the manager of a Little League team, and is also the pitcher. His team name was never given in comic strip. Despite having a love for the game, Charlie Brown's team rarely ever won. In fact, they rarely ever scored. Games of 123-0 and 93-0 were mentioned. One thing that was certain is that Charlie Brown would be on the wrong end of a line drive all too often during games, usually blowing his clothes off in the process.
Peanuts On Parade
Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy played short-stop. He was ideal at the position because he was so quick. After the game, Snoopy and Woodstock, his bird friend, were the team's ground-keepers.
Peanuts On Parade
Linus played second base. That meant that he was often on the receiving end of tosses from Snoopy, which were often, sort of speak, a little sloppy (because Snoopy fielded the balls with his mouth). Linus was a little younger than his teammates, still taking comfort in a security blanket.
Peanuts On Parade
Linus' older sister Lucy played center field. While Lucy has many talents, baseball is not one of them. She was an awful player. In fact, she might have been one of the worst Little League players in history. Lucy was not shy about expressing her opinions, as is depicted here as she is yelling a comment towards Charlie Brown.
Peanuts On Parade
Peppermint Patty was the manager and star player of a rival team, the Pelicans, who often played, beat, and generally crushed Chuck's team (unlike nearly everyone else in the cartoon, Patty calls Charlie Brown "Chuck").
Peanuts On Parade
Schroeder, who is best known for being a piano prodigy, is the catcher for Charlie Brown's team. He is shown here with a catcher's mask, chest protector, and shin guards.
Peanuts On Parade
The third baseman is known only as "Pig-Pen". His name is never given in the strip. Pig-Pen is somehow a dust magnet and seems to instantly get disheveled and dirty. Charlie Brown is the only person who seems to unconditionally accept Pig-Pen as he is.
Peanuts On Parade
Marcie plays on Peppermint Patty's baseball team. While Marcie is very smart, she doesn't have much in the way of baseball skills. As a result, she isn't very good at the game.
Peanuts On Parade
This is Franklin. He manages his own Little League team, but also plays on Peppermint Patty's team. He also filled in on Charlie Brown's team a few times when they were short-handed.
Peanuts On Parade
The 2008 All Star Game was held at Yankee Stadium on July 15 of that year. A total of 42 statues were created for the event and were on display across New York City. This is the statue for the Twins that is now on display at Target Field.
Peanuts On Parade
The 2010 edition of the All Star game featured Mickey Mouse statues throughout Anaheim and the Los Angeles area. A total of 36 statues were created, including one for each of the 30 teams, 4 in All Star designs, and one each for the American and National Leagues. The statue featuring the Twins logo is now on display at Target Field.
Peanuts On Parade
The 2013 statue display was called Apples On Parade. It featured 35 apple statues, with one located at the Mets home stadium in Queens and the rest in Manhattan. The Twins logo statue is now on display at Target Field.

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