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Peanuts On Parade

A Photo Tour Of Lucy Van Pelt
Statues From The 2002 Peanuts On Parade
‘Looking For Lucy’ Tribute

The Charles Schulz tribute continued in 2002 with ‘Looking For Lucy,’ a series of 105 five-foot tall statues of Peanuts character Lucy Van Pelt. Despite being a little cynical and having a very demanding personality, Lucy had a wide variety of interests that makes her very believable in all of the roles portrayed by the tribute statues.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Grandma Maggie
  Name: Grandma Maggie
  Artist: Keith Krone
  Sponsor: Keys Cafe & Bakery
  Location: Keys Cafe, Woodbury

This Lucy statue is known as ‘Grandma Maggie.’ She was designed by artist Keith Krone and was sponsored by Keys Cafe. Lucy is modeled after the grandmother of the family who owns Keys Cafe. Grandma Maggie loved to bake, so Lucy is shown wearing an apron and holding a freshly baked pie. The statue is on display at the Keys Cafe in Woodbury.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Pharmacist Lucy
  Name: Pharmacist Lucy
  Artist: Tim Schmitt
  Sponsor: West Seventh Pharmacy
  Location: University Of Minnesota, Moos Tower

Pharmacist Lucy is on display in the tunnel connecting connecting Moos Tower and Weaver-Densford Hall in the University of Minnesota Hospital complex. The tunnels are open to the general public and can be accessed from the street level, from the hospital, or from the parking ramp. This Lucy was designed by artist Tim Schmitt and was sponsored by the West Seventh Pharmacy.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Sweeten Up Lucy
  Name: Sweeten Up Lucy
  Artist: David Brown and Pam Ruiz
  Sponsor: Candyland
  Location: Candyland, Wabasha Street, Saint Paul

Sweeten Up Lucy is one of three Peanuts statues on display in front of the Candyland store on Wabasha Street in downtown Saint Paul. This Lucy was sponsored by Candyland and was designed by artists David Brown and Pam Ruiz.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucky Lucy
  Name: Lucky Lucy
  Artist: Duane Barnhart
  Sponsor: O'Gara's Bar and Grill
  Location: Associated Bank, Snelling and Selby, Saint Paul

‘Lucky Lucy’ is one of four peanuts statues on display at the Associated Bank at the corner of Snelling and Selby in Saint Paul. This Lucy, sponsored by O'Gara's Bar and Grill, and designed by artist Duane Barnhart, depicts our heroine complete with a horse shoe and clover leaves, which obviously must have worked given the pot of gold at her feet.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Extra! Extra! Lucy
  Name: Extra! Extra! Lucy
  Artist: Max Haynes
  Sponsor: StarTribune
  Location: 400 Portland Avenue, Minneapolis

Extra! Extra! Lucy was designed by artist Max Haynes and sponsored by the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. She is located in a small park area across the street from the Star Tribune headquarters building in the 400 block of Portland Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Mein Liebchen Lucy
  Name: Mein Liebchen Lucy
  Artist: Carol Halloran
  Sponsor: Church Of The Assumption
  Location: Church Of The Assumption, Saint Paul

Mein Liebchen Lucy, designed by artist Carol Halloran, is on display at the Church Of The Assumption in downtown Saint Paul. Translated, this means ‘My Love Lucy.’ The church was founded by German immigrants in the mid-1800s, so they sponsored a German-themed Lucy.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - View From The Carousel
  Name: View From The Carousel
  Artist: DeAnne Parks
  Sponsor: Radisson Riverfront Hotel
  Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Saint Paul

This Lucy statue is known as ‘View From The Carousel,’ a reference to the carousel at Como Park. This Lucy was designed by artist DeAnne Parks and was sponsored by the Radisson Riverfront Hotel. It was found on display in the ballroom level of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Saint Paul at Kellogg and Wabasha.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucy In Love
  Name: Lucy In Love
  Artist: Barbara Bjornson
  Sponsor: Pro Pharmacy
  Location: ProX Pharmacy, South Saint Paul

Lucy In Love is one of five Peanuts statues on display at the ProX Pharmacy at 5th and Marie in South Saint Paul. She was sponsored by the pharmacy and designed by artist Barbara Bjornson. The pharmacy often incorporates Lucy into display, as we see here, or dresses her for the season or special events.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucille Acceleration Minnesota
  Name: Lucille Acceleration Minnesota
  Artist: Joel Dirnberger
  Sponsor: Xcel Energy
  Location: U of M Children's Hospital, 2450 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis

This statue is known as Lucille Acceleration Minnesota. It was designed by artist Joel Dirnberger and was sponsored by Xcel Energy. It is currently on display at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital at 2450 Riverside Avenue in Minneapolis. The statue originally featured Lucy holding a guitar and sporting blue suede shoes.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Queen For A Play
  Name: Queen For A Play
  Artist: Carol Halloran
  Sponsor: Meritex Enterprises
  Location: Lafayette Park, Saint Paul

Here we see Lucy as ‘Queen For A Play,’ a reference to her position as an outfielder on Charlie Brown's baseball team. The Queen was designed by artist Carol Halloran, and was sponsored by Meritex Enterprises. She is on display in Lafayette Park near the north end of the Lafayette Bridge near Meritex's headquarters.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucy CEO
  Name: Lucy CEO
  Artist: Anthony Hernandez, Jr.
  Sponsor: Lawson Software
  Location: U of M Hospital, 500 Harvard Street, Minneapolis

Lucy CEO was designed by artist Anthony Hernandez, Jr., and was sponsored by Lawson Software. She is currently on display at the entrance to the University of Minnesota Hospital at 500 Harvard Street in Minneapolis.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - 4-H Centennial Lucy
  Name: 4-H Centennial Lucy
  Artist: Bill Svendsgaard and Kristen Berning
  Sponsor: Minnesota 4-H
  Location: Minnesota State Fairgrounds, 4-H Building

The Minnesota 4-H sponsored this Lucy statue, named ‘4-H Centennial Lucy’, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 4-H, which started in 1902 in Ohio and Minnesota and rapidly expanded both nationally and to other nations across the globe. This Lucy was designed by artists Bill Svendsgaard and Kristen Berning. It is located inside of the 4-H building on Cosgrove Street along the east edge of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This photo was taken using a cellular telephone camera by my sister, Kathy Boland, since I had neglected to bring a camera with me the day we visited the State Fair.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Gutsy Lucy
  Name: Gutsy Lucy
  Artist: Ann Dickinson
  Sponsor: Gastroenterology P.A.
  Location: 2200 University Avenue West, Suite #120, Saint Paul

This photo is peeking through the window at 2200 University Avenue West, Suite #120, where the MN Gastroenterology Pediatric & Adult Clinic has ‘Gutsy Lucy’ on display. This statue was designed by artist Ann Dickinson, and it was sponsored by the clinic. The interesting feature of this piece is that Lucy has a cut-away abdominal cavity where you can see all of her internals, which are mostly a collection of colorful toys.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucy Loves Chocolate
  Name: Lucy Loves Chocolate
  Artist: Joe Klander
  Sponsor: Maud Borup Chocolates
  Location: Whitaker Sports & Classic Cars, 1081 Highway 36 E, Maplewood, MN

Lucy is portrayed as a chocolate covered strawberry in ‘Lucy Loves Chocolate’, on display at the Whitaker Sports & Classic Car showroom in Maplewood. The statue was sponsored by Maud Borup Inc, then known as Maud Borup Chocolates. Maud Borup began making candy in her Saint Paul home in 1907, and the company continues to this day, with a newly opened factory in Le Center, MN.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - School Girl Lucy
  Name: School Girl Lucy
  Artist: Jennifer Perry
  Sponsor: Donald's Apparel & Uniforms
  Location: Donalds's Uniforms, 972 Payne Avenue, Saint Paul

‘School Girl Lucy’ is on display at Donald's Uniforms in Saint Paul. She was decorated for the holidays when I found her located in the front window of the store. Unfortunately that makes for a tough photograph, but it does allow pedestrians on the street to see her as they walk down busy Payne Avenue. The artist, Jennifer Perry, was 12 years old when she created this design in 2002.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Leadership Lucy
  Name: Leadership Lucy
  Artist: Danielle Ferrin
  Sponsor: College of Saint Catherine.
  Location: Saint Catherine's University, Student Center

Leadership Lucy is on display in the Student Center at Saint Catherine's University in Saint Paul. Lucy is promoting the values of the school, which are learn, serve, excel, lead, and influence. Note that this Lucy is multi-cultural, with darker skin on her right side and lighter skin on her left side. Leadership Lucy was designed by artist Danielle Ferrin and was sponsored by the College of Saint Catherine.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucy Barton
  Name: Lucy Barton
  Artist: Jodi Metz and Lynne Weber
  Sponsor: American Red Cross
  Location: American Red Cross, 176 South Robert Street, Saint Paul

Lucy Barton is on display at the entrance to the American Red Cross building at 176 South Robert Street in Saint Paul. One of many medical themed Lucy statues, Lucy Barton was designed by artists Jodi Metz and Lynne Weber, and was sponsored by the American Red Cross.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - West Side Flats Lucy
  Name: West Side Flats Lucy
  Artist: Ta-coumba T. Aiken
  Sponsor: DPRA Incorporated, Wellington Management
  Location: Art Scraps, 1459 Saint Claire Avenue, Saint Paul

This is ‘West Side Flats Lucy’ is on display along the side of the Art Scraps store at 1459 Saint Claire Avenue in Saint Paul. This Lucy was designed by artist Ta-coumba T. Aiken and was sponsored by DPRA Incorporated and Wellington Management. The paint scheme pays homage to the Mexican culture that existed in the West Side Flats area across the river from downtown Saint Paul before the area was cleared of housing following the mammoth flood in 1965.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Skip To My Lucy
  Name: Skip To My Lucy
  Artist: Kim Cope
  Sponsor: The Saint Paul Companies
  Location: Chalupsky Avenue, New Prague

‘Skip To My Lucy’ is on display during the warmer months of the year in front of a very beautiful brick home on Chalupsky Avenue in New Prague, Minnesota, about an hour south of the Twin Cities. While many of the Peanuts statues show the characters in adult roles, in this case, we see Lucy as a grade school age girl. The statue was designed by artist Kim Cope, and was sponsored by The Saint Paul Companies (now known as the Travelers Companies).

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Girl Power Lucy
  Name: Girl Power Lucy
  Artist: Amscan, Mark Sandberg, Paul Sable
  Sponsor: MN Mechanical Contractors Assn, MN Women In The Trades
  Location: Saint Paul Community College

‘Girl Power Lucy’ is on display at the Saint Paul Community College, along with a Linus statue. Lucy is located outside of the north entrance just west of the loading dock and truck parking area.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucy Goes For Gold
  Name: Lucy Goes For Gold
  Artist: Sean Mumm & Family
  Sponsor: Louisiana Cafe and Paisano's Pizza
  Location: Woodbury Cafe

Lucy Goes For Gold is one of three Peanuts statues on display at the Woodbury Cafe just east of the Tamarack Road exit off of I-494. This is one of several statues that show Lucy as an athlete or explorer. This Lucy was designed by artists Sean Mumm and his family. It was originally sponsored by the Louisiana Cafe and Paisano's Pizza.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Truffle Heaven
  Name: Truffle Heaven
  Artist: Amy Smith
  Sponsor: Chocolat Celeste
  Location: Bayview Elementary School, 24 South Walnut, Waconia

Here we see Lucy watching over a playground at Bayview Elementary School at 24 South Walnut in Waconia, Minnesota. This statue is named ‘Truffle Heaven’. It was designed by artist Amy Smith and was sponsored by Chocolat Celeste, known for its hand-crafted artisan chocolates. The statue was purchased at auction by Paul and Vici Scheuble. Lucy stands as a memorial to their daughter Lucy, who passed away two days after birth in 1999. The Scheubles donated the statue as part of an effort to establish a playground in Waconia. The community joined in and raised an additional $145,000, and then turned out in force to build the playground in only 5 days.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - We Love Lucy
  Name: We Love Lucy
  Artist: Go East Design and James Kaump
  Sponsor: Touchstone Energy
  Location: St. John's Hospital, Maplewood

Lucy Van Pelt is the official greeter at St. John's Hospital in Maplewood, Minnesota, a northeastern suburb of Saint Paul. This statue was originally known as ‘We Love Lucy’, designed by artists Go East Design and James Kaump and sponsored by Touchstone Energy. The statue was purchased at auction by David and Mary Jo Monson. It was later reimagined by Danielle Ferrin of Fun Places Murals, with its original all pink, red, and white scheme replaced by a more traditional looking Lucy, but retaining pink, red, and white on her dress and shoes. Now known as ‘Lucy at St. John's with Diamonds’, she is very popular with visitors and often poses with families who have newborn children.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lights, Camera, Lucy!
  Name: Lights, Camera, Lucy!
  Artist: Best Buy Design Team
  Sponsor: Best Buy Company, Inc
  Location: Best Buy, 7601 Penn Ave S, Richfield, MN

Here we see Lucy as a Hollywood movie director, having recently produced blockbuster films such as ‘Silence Of The Beagles,’ ‘Cool Hand Lucy,’ and ‘Good Grief Hunting.’ Technology has changed since 2002, with DVDs and streaming having supplanted VHS tapes, and movie reels having been obsoleted by hard drives. Note that the Best Buy headquarters is not open to the general public.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Lucy Van Toolbelt
  Name: Lucy Van Toolbelt
  Artist: Tracy Thew and Chris Hand
  Sponsor: Kraus-Anderson Companies
  Location: Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, Golden Valley, MN

‘Lucy Van Toolbelt’ was on display at the Kraus-Anderson Building in Saint Paul (near the Children's Hospital) following the Peanuts on Parade tribute series. In 2009, Kraus-Anderson Construction donated this statue to the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. With an additional donation from Life Time Fitness, a garden was developed in front of the nursery building on Glenwood Avenue to provide the children an interactive nature experience. The garden features vegetables, butterflies, a reading circle, and a reflection path.

Update — the Crisis Nursery moved to south Minneapolis in 2014 at the corner of East 46th Street and South 4th Avenue, where Lucy is now located in a garden in front of the building.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Little Darlin' Lucy
  Name: Little Darlin' Lucy
  Artist: Todd Julen
  Sponsor: Sibley Manor Apartments
  Location: 22nd Avenue, Saint Louis Park

This statue, called ‘Little Darlin' Lucy’ is located in front of a home on 22nd Avenue in Saint Louis Park. Lucy is shown standing on top of an old style vinyl record album all dressed up for dancing. This Lucy was designed by artist Todd Julen and was sponsored by Sibley Manor Apartments.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Super Star Lucy
  Name: Super Star Lucy
  Artist: Neil Boltik
  Sponsor: Minnesota State Fair
  Location: Minnesota State Fairgrounds, Libby Conference Center

Super Star Lucy is one of five Peanuts statues to be designed by Neil Boltik and sponsored by the Minnesota State Fair. They are displayed on a rotating basis at the fairgrounds. This Lucy was on display outside of the Libby Conference Center just south of the main fair entrance on the day of my visit.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Queen Of The Snows
  Name: Queen Of The Snows
  Artist: Mary Neilan
  Sponsor: MetLife Auto and Home
  Location: Private Home, Ottawa Ave, Saint Louis Park

Lucy as the ‘Queen Of The Snows’ is on display at a private home in Saint Louis Park. The Queen Of The Snows is one of the central characters of the annual Saint Paul Winter Carnival. In carnival lore, the Queen is spouse of King Boreas, king of the winds who came across a winter paradise named Minnesota and made it the capitol of all of his domains.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Wild Coach Lucy!
  Name: Wild Coach Lucy!
  Artist: TivoliToo, Inc.A
  Sponsor: Minnesota Wild
  Location: Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul

One of (5) Peanuts statues on display at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, home ice for the Minnesota Wild professional hockey team. This example is Lucy as a hockey coach for the team. That is a role that suits her take-charge personality to a tee.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Girl Scout Lucy
  Name: Girl Scout Lucy
  Artist: Gregory Graham & Andrea Specht
  Sponsor: Girl Scout Council Of Saint Croix Valley
  Location: 400 S Robert Street, Saint Paul, MN

Here we see Lucy in her Girl Scout uniform in ‘Girl Scout Lucy’. Similar to ‘Leadership Lucy’, this statue shows Lucy with dark skin on her right, and light skin on hear left. This celebrates the fact that color and racial background is no barrier to belonging or to achievement. Awesome comes in every color of the spectrum.

Peanuts On Parade - Looking For Lucy - Reaching Out To Communities
  Name: Reaching Out To Communities
  Artist: Holly Welch
  Sponsor: Saint Paul Foundation
  Location: Anoka County Farms

This Lucy statue is called ‘Reaching Out To Communities.’ It was sponsored by the Saint Paul Foundation, which also operates the Minnesota Community Foundation. These foundations use there resources to help build stronger communities across the Twin Cities and the state. The statue was designed by artist Holly Welch and is on display at the REI store in Bloomington.

Update — this statue moved in early 2012, and was seen on display at the Anoka County Farms along Bunker Lake Blvd in Ham Lake.

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