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Peanuts On Parade

A Photo Tour Of Snoopy Statues From
The 2000 Peanuts On Parade Tribute

The first Charles Schulz tribute, Peanuts On Parade, ran through the summer of 2000, shortly after Schulz's death at age 77. The tribute consisted of 101 statues of Snoopy in a classic pose with his arms outstretched and his ears standing tall. The 5-foot tall statues were made from fiberglass and were coated with a gel finish. Each was individually decorated by a local artist, often in a theme that reflected the statue sponsor. In addition to the 101 official statues, several more were produced for corporate displays and private collectors. Most were auctioned off at the end of the summer to raise money for charity and to fund the permanent bronze statues in Landmark Park.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - The North Star Flying Ace
  Name: The North Star Flying Ace
  Artist: Patricia Owen
  Sponsor: CBR Incorporated
  Location: MSP Airport, Terminal 1, Main Concourse

This is Snoopy as The North Star Flying Ace, designed by artist Patricia Owen. This statue is on display in the main concourse of the Lindbergh Termainal at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport. Note that the concourse is a secured area for passengers with tickets.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Snoopy As A ’39 St. Paul Saint
  Name: Snoopy As A ’39 St. Paul Saint
  Artist: Andy Nelson
  Sponsor: Saint Paul Saints Baseball Club
  Location: Midway Stadium

Here is Snoopy As A ’39 St. Paul Saint, designed by artist Andy Nelson. It was sponsored by the Saint Paul Saints Baseball Club, and it is on display in front of Midway Stadium on Energy Park Drive.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Renaissance Dog
  Name: Renaissance Dog
  Artist: Barb Buhn Friberg and Ken Friberg
  Sponsor: Friends of the St. Paul Public Library
  Location: St. Paul Public Library, 1011 Rice Street

Here we see Snoopy dressed up as the court jester in ‘Renaissance Dog,’ a statue designed by artists Barb Buhn Friberg and Ken Friberg. This statue was sponsored by the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library, and it is on display in the front window of the library branch at 1011 Rice Street in Saint Paul. The glass makes it hard to photograph, but does make for a nice street front display.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Stargazing
  Name: Stargazing
  Artist: Lori White
  Sponsor: North End Business Association
  Location: St. Paul Public Library, 1011 Rice Street

This Snoopy, called ‘Stargazing,’ depicts a group of people gazing through a telescope at the night sky. Stargazing was designed by artist Lori White and was sponsored by the North End Business Association. It is on display in the front window of the public library branch at 1011 Rice Street. Rice Street is the core of the North End neighborhood, which sprung up north of downtown in the 1880s and 1890s.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Sir Lunch-A-Lot
  Name: Sir Lunch-A-Lot
  Artist: Gene Olson
  Sponsor: O'Gara's Bar & Grill
  Location: Associated Bank, Snelling and Selby, Saint Paul

This Snoopy statue is Sir Lunch-A-Lot, designed by artist Gene Olson and sponsored by O'Gara's Bar & Grill. It is currently on display at the Associated Bank at the corner of Snelling and Selby in Saint Paul.

Update — this statue has moved, but I don't know where to. It was on display outside the front door to the bank in 2009, but I haven't seen it there since that time. It might be somewhere else in the building, or it might circulate to other bank branches.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Scholar Snoopy
  Name: Scholar Snoopy
  Artist: Jean Allan Ales and Gary Ales
  Sponsor: Central High School
  Location: Central High School, Saint Paul, Main Office

‘Scholar Snoopy’ is on display at the main office at Central High School in Saint Paul. The statue was designed by artists Jean Allan Ales and Gary Ales. It was sponsored by Central High School in honor of Charles Schulz, who graduated from Central High in 1940. Not only is Central High one of the largest high schools in the state, it can boast having produced more Rhodes Scholars than any other public high school in the United States.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - State Fair Snoopy
  Name: State Fair Snoopy
  Artist: Neil Boltik
  Sponsor: Minnesota State Fair
  Location: Minnesota State Fairgrounds, Libby Conference Center

State Fair Snoopy is enjoying a state fair classic, food on a stick. Recent state fairs have featured over 70 different items available on stick, however, Snoopy has selected a corn dog, the original food on a stick. Snoopy is also located outside of the Libby Conference Center at the State Fairgrounds. The artist is Neil Boltik, and the statue was sponsored by the Minnesota State Fair.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Joe Technology
  Name: Joe Technology
  Artist: Best Buy Design Team
  Sponsor: Best Buy Company, Inc
  Location: Best Buy, 7601 Penn Ave S, Richfield, MN

Here is Snoopy as ‘Joe Technology’ in one of several space themed statues in the series. In the cartoon strip, Snoopy went to the moon in early 1969 as the Apollo 10 flight did a dress rehearsal for the the moon landing. The Best Buy team leveraged that idea for their technology enabled Snoopy. Less visible is a timeline of the history of technology in light blue print on the surface of Snoopy's space helmet. Note that the Best Buy headquarters is not open to the general public.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Ski-U-Mah
  Name: Ski-U-Mah
  Artist: Unknown
  Sponsor: Unknown
  Location: U of M Student Center, Buford Avenue, Saint Paul

This Snoopy, dressed up in the maroon and gold University of Minnesota colors, is called Ski-U-Mah. It is on display inside the main entrance to the Student Center on the Saint Paul campus on Buford Avenue. Ski-U-Mah has been used as a cheer at the U of M since 1894, and it was the name of the U of M college humor magazine for 21 years.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Fishin' Snoopy
  Name: Fishin' Snoopy
  Artist: Cary Allen
  Sponsor: Meritex Enterprises
  Location: Lafayette Park, Saint Paul

This statue is called Fishin' Snoopy and was designed by artist Cary Allen Armstead. It was sponsored by Meritex Enterprises, and it is on display in Lafayette Park near their headquarters building. Snoopy's life vest was originally red. It has either faded or has been repainted over the past decade.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Snoopy The World Traveler
  Name: Snoopy The World Traveler
  Artist: Keith Krone
  Sponsor: Carlson Companies
  Location: MSP Airport, Terminal 1, Gate C12

This is ‘Snoopy The World Traveler’, on display in the children's area near gate C12 in the main terminal at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport. This statue, designed by artist Keith Krone, features Snoopy holding props in both hands, one of the few states in this series featuring this many props. World Traveler was originally sponsored by Mackay Envelope Corporation. He was later purchased by the Carlson Companies and donated for display at the airport.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Unknown
  Name: Unknown
  Artist: Unknown
  Sponsor: Unknown
  Location: Alliance Bank, 55 East 5th Street, Saint Paul

This Snoopy statue is on display inside the lobby of the Alliance Bank on the first floor of the Alliance Bank Center in downtown Saint Paul. The statue name is not visible (it would be under the green covering on the base), and the shirt covers any artwork that would otherwise be visible. Employees at the Alliance Bank frequently dresses Snoopy in different shirts. He was recently wearing a Vikings shirt, but he had an Alliance Bank shirt on the day of my visit. I am not sure if this is a statue from the Peanuts On Parade tribute, or if it was custom made from the same molds. If it was an original, it might be the statue called Classic Snoopy.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Groovy Snoopy
  Name: Groovy Snoopy
  Artist: Joshua Porter
  Sponsor: The Hearn Company
  Location: US Bank building, 101 East 5th Street, Saint Paul

This tie-dye themed Snoopy, designed by artist Joshua Porter, is called Groovy Snoopy. It is on display at the downtown Saint Paul US Bank building in a street level window facing Robert Street. The statue was sponsored by The Hearn Company, the firm that owns and manages the 101 East 5th Street building where the US Bank office is located.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Snoopy In The Wild
  Name: Snoopy In The Wild
  Artist: TivoliToo, Inc.
  Sponsor: Minnesota Wild
  Location: Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul

One of (5) Peanuts statues on display at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, home ice for the Minnesota Wild professional hockey team. This example is Snoopy appearing as one of the star hockey players. In addition to being a player, Snoopy also drives the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine, a duty he has had since 1980 when the machines first appeared in the Peanuts cartoon strip.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Key To My Heart
  Name: Key To My Heart
  Artist: George Karn
  Sponsor: D'Aquila Family Foundation
  Location: Veterinary Medical Center, 1365 Gortner Avenue, Saint Paul, MN

We all know that happiness is a warm puppy, and no dog has the key to your heart quite like a beagle. The Veterinary Medical Center is a specialty clinic and hospital for animals of all sizes, from pets to large animals to wild animals. Their motto is providing special care for special friends.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Back To School
  Name: Back To School
  Artist: Robyn Berth and Scott Schneider
  Sponsor: Unknown
  Location: Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul

This is Snoopy heading ‘Back To School’ as the perpetual college student at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul. This statue was one of the original 75 Snoopys, but it was redecorated in early 2001 by artists Robyn Berth and Scott Schneider for display in the plaza in front of Founder's Hall at Metro State. While many of the original Snoopy statues were painted in artistic patterns, this one used paint and props to establish a theme. The artists essentially raised the bar on the concept of theme that we see reflected in all of the statue series that followed the original Peanuts on Parade event. While I am not certain, I believe that this statue was called ‘The Joy Of Learning’ by artist Ta-Coumba Aiken when it was on display as part of the tribute in 2000. It featured an African style red, blue, and yellow paint scheme.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Away We Go
  Name: Away We Go
  Artist: Rose Marie Felsheim
  Sponsor: Metro Transit
  Location: Metro Transit Store, US Bank Building, Saint Paul

Here was see Snoopy dressed up as a 1960s era bus driver in a statue known as Away We Go. It was sponsored by Metro Transit and was designed by artist Rose Marie Felsheim. It is on display in the Metro Transit store in the skyway level of the US Bank building in downtown Saint Paul.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Babyface Snoopy
  Name: Babyface Snoopy
  Artist: Unknown
  Sponsor: Wabasha Street Caves
  Location: Wabasha Street Caves

Babyface Snoopy is standing guard outside of the Wabasha Street Caves. This statue was designed by artist Anne Emily Heaney, and it was sponsored by the Caves. Snoopy is dressed as gangster George ‘Baby Face’ Nelson, who often hung out at a speakeasy located in the caves during prohibition.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Stanley
  Name: Stanley
  Artist: Keith Krone
  Sponsor: Keys Cafe & Bakery
  Location: Keys Cafe, Woodbury

This Snoopy, named Stanley, is serving a turkey to the patrons at the Keys Cafe in Woodbury. Keys Cafe sponsored a statue each of the five years of Peanuts on Parade. Stanley is named after the grandfather of the family that owns the Keys Cafe, and was designed by artist Keith Krone.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Top Hat And Tail
  Name: Top Hat And Tail
  Artist: Jeanne Kosfeld
  Sponsor: Ordway Center For The Performing Arts
  Location: Candyland, Wabasha Street, Saint Paul

This Snoopy, originally sponsored by the Ordway Center, went on display in 2013 in front of the Candyland store on Wabasha Street in downtown Saint Paul. Candyland had 3 statues, but they moved their Linus to their store in Stillwater, so there was a spot for a new statue. Snoopy was repainted, keeping his original theme of going to the theater, with tickets in hand to see the show ‘You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown’, but with a color new base on candy accents. Artists Tim McNeally and Lori Manke did a wonderful job refreshing Snoopy's look while staying true to Jeanne Kosfeld's original theme.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Patchwork Snoopy
  Name: Patchwork Snoopy
  Artist: Thomas Lamonte Johnson
  Sponsor: West Seventh Street Pharmacy
  Location: ProX Pharmacy, South Saint Paul

Patchwork Snoopy is one of 5 Peanuts statues on display at the ProX Pharmacy in South Saint Paul. This Snoopy was designed by artist Thomas Lamonte Johnson, and it was sponsored by the pharmacy under its previous name, West Seventh Street Pharmacy.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Slapshot
  Name: Slapshot
  Artist: DeAnne Parks
  Sponsor: Hobbit Travel
  Location: Charles Schulz Ice Area, 800 Snelling Avenue, Saint Paul

This Snoopy statue is called Slapshot. It was designed by DeAnne Parks and was sponsored by Hobbit Travel. It is on display in the lobby of the Charles Schulz Ice Area in Highland Park at 800 Snelling Avenue.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Snoopy Greets Visitors To St Paul
  Name: Snoopy Greets Visitors To St Paul
  Artist: DeAnne L. Parks
  Sponsor: Radisson Hotels of St. Paul
  Location: CHS Stadium Parking Lot

This Snoopy was sponsored by the Radisson Hotel in downtown St. Paul. That hotel was rebranded as a Crown Plaza, where this statue and four others were on display for many years. They were removed from the hotel and reappeared in the parking lot behind the new CHS Stadium when it opened in the summer of 2015. Snoopy looks pretty sharp in this bellhop suit.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Little Green Booties
  Name: Little Green Booties
  Artist: Linda Brant-Malm
  Sponsor: MetLife Auto
  Location: Children's Hospital, Gardenview Clinic, Saint Paul

Here we see Snoopy in ‘Little Green Booties’, a medical themed statue designed by artist Linda Brant-Malm and sponsored by MetLife Auto & Home. I found this Snoopy on display at Children's Hospital in Saint Paul. It was located at the entrance to the Red Ramp for many years, but that location was remodeled in 2010 to 2012 time frame, so Snoopy was moved to a new location that is accessible only to staff and patients.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Dancing In The Rain
  Name: Dancing In The Rain
  Artist: DeAnne L. Parks
  Sponsor: Brown & Bigelow
  Location: Brown & Bigelow, 345 Plato Blvd East, Saint Paul

There are a number of examples of Snoopy dancing in the rain in the Peanuts strip over the years. In this statue, artist DeAnne Parks attempted to recreate one such scene. It is kind of hard without animation, motion, or a background to show the rain, but she did pull it off with Snoopy's joy clearly being visible. This statue was sponsored by Brown & Bigelow and is on display in front of their building near the Saint Paul airport. Brown & Bigelow manufactures and distributes promotional products, which are trendy items that are produced with company logos for advertising and as trade show giveaways.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - Snooper Jock
  Name: Snooper Jock
  Artist: Unknown
  Sponsor: Unknown
  Location: Inver Grove Heights Community Center

This Snoopy statue, known as ‘Snooper Jock’, is on display in the lobby of the Inver Grove Heights Community Center at 8055 Barbara Avenue in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. I have not yet learned who the artist is or who sponsored this statue. It was purchased at auction by Mary and Willie Krech of Total Construction and Equipment. They have purchased over a dozen Peanuts on Parade statues, some of which they have at their home and business, and others that they have donated.

Peanuts On Parade - Snoopy - River Dog
  Name: River Dog
  Artist: Egil Jonsson
  Sponsor: Saint Paul Port Authority
  Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Saint Paul

‘River Dog’ Snoopy is on display in the ballroom level of the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Wabasha and Kellogg in downtown Saint Paul. This statue was designed by artist Egil Jonsson and was sponsored by the Saint Paul Port Authority. Like the other two statues at the Crowne Plaza, this one has been mounted on a furniture style base.

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