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Saint Louis Park, MN, Ward #4
Neighborhood Boundary Signs

Cedar Manor Crestview Eliot Eliot View Kilmer Pond Pennsylvania Park Shelard Park Westdale Westwood Hills Willow Park

Saint Louis Park Ward #4

Cedar Manor Neighborhood Sign   Cedar Manor

Cedar Manor is named for Cedar Manor Lake. The neighborhood sign depicts the cattail plants that are found in wetlands along the lake.

Crestview Neighborhood Sign   Crestview

The Crestview neighborhood sign commemorates the neighborhoods location on high ground just west of the Minneapolis Golf Club.

Eliot Neighborhood Sign   Eliot

Eliot is named after its local elementary school, which is named after poet T. S. Eliot. Its neighborhood sign depicts the variety of housing styles found in the neighborhood.

Eliot View Neighborhood Sign   Eliot View

This neighborhood is not signed as of the summer of 2010.

Kilmer Pond Neighborhood Sign   Kilmer Pond

Known as Kilmer or Kilmer Pond, the neighborhood is named after Kilmer Pond located along US Highway 169.

Pennsylvania Park Neighborhood Sign   Pennsylvania Park

This neighborhood is not signed as of the summer of 2010.

Shelard Park Neighborhood Sign   Shelard Park

Shelard Park is a planned development. The neighborhood sign depicts the mixed use nature of the development with both housing and several tall commercial buildings.

Westdale Neighborhood Sign   Westdale

Westdale is a subdivision that consists of just 5 city blocks. The neighborhood sign depicts its location near Westwood Lake.

Westwood Hills Neighborhood Sign   Westwood Hills

Westwood Hills is named after Westwood Lake and Westwood Park, large features that occupy much of the land within the neighborhood. The neighborhood sign depicts a nature scene along Westwood Lake.

Willow Park Neighborhood Sign   Willow Park

This neighborhood is not signed as of the summer of 2010.

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