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Highways, Byways, And Bridge Photography

Minneapolis Northeast Community
Neighborhood Boundary Signs

Audubon Park Beltrami Bottineau Columbia Park Holland Logan Park Marshall Terrace Northeast Park Sheridan Saint Anthony East Saint Anthony West Waite Park Windom Park

Minneapolis Northeast Community

Audubon Park Neighborhood Sign   Audubon Park

Audubon Park is named in honor of naturalist John James Audubon, author of the Birds of America.

Beltrami Neighborhood Sign   Beltrami

The Beltrami neighborhood is named after Giacomo Costantino Beltrami, famous 19th century Italian explorer. Beltrami claimed to have found the source of the Mississippi River in 1823, but had the wrong location. This neighborhood was not signed as of the spring of 2008.

Bottineau Neighborhood Sign   Bottineau

Bottineau is named after Pierre Bottineau, an early explorer and settler who lived in the area in the mid-1800s.

Columbia Park Neighborhood Sign   Columbia Park

The Columbia Park neighborhood is named after Columbia Park, a large park within the neighborhood. The park is named after the Columbian year, the 400th anniversary of Columbus' first voyage, due to the park having been established in 1892.

Holland Neighborhood Sign   Holland

Holland is named after Holland Elementary School, which is named in honor of Josiah Holland. Holland was a 19th century writer and teacher.

Logan Park Neighborhood Sign   Logan Park

The Logan Park neighborhood is named after Logan Park, a large square at the center of the neighborhood. The square is named after Civil War General John Logan, who was later elected to the US Senate.

Marshall Terrace Neighborhood Sign   Marshall Terrace

Marshall Terrace is named in honor of Governor William Marshall, the fifth governor of the state of Minnesota. Marshall served from 1866 to 1870. This neighborhood was not signed as of the spring of 2008.

Northeast Park Neighborhood Sign   Northeast Park

Northeast Park is a name based on the location of the neighborhood in the Northeast community and on the northeast part of Minneapolis. The unusual shape of the neighborhood is due to the curves in Interstate Highway I-35W. This neighborhood was not signed as of the spring of 2008.

Sheridan Neighborhood Sign   Sheridan

Sheridan, and its schools and major park are named in honor of Civil War hero General Philip Sheridan, who lead the cavalry pursuit of General Lee up to the surrender at Appomattox. This neighborhood was not signed as of the spring of 2008.

Saint Anthony East Neighborhood Sign   Saint Anthony East

Saint Anthony East neighborhood took its name from the historic village of Saint Anthony, which once existed on the north side of the Mississippi River near the Saint Anthony Falls. The village merged with the City of Minneapolis. The falls was named after Saint Anthony of Padua by Father Louis Hennepin.

Saint Anthony West Neighborhood Sign   Saint Anthony West

Saint Anthony West was named in the same manor as its neighbor to the east, Saint Anthony East, due to its proximity to Saint Anthony Falls and the former village of Saint Anthony. This neighborhood was not signed as of the spring of 2008.

Waite Park Neighborhood Sign   Waite Park

Waite Park is named in honor of Hennepin County District Court Judge Edward Waite, who served from 1911 to 1941. This neighborhood was not signed as of the spring of 2008.

Windom Park Neighborhood Sign   Windom Park

Windom Park is named after Senator William Windom, who also served as the US Secretary of the Treasury. There is another neighborhood named in honor of Senator Windom in the Southwest community.

Northeast Community Banner   Northeast Community

The Northeast Business Association erected these banners in the area of the former City of Saint Anthony, which makes up the core of the Northeast community.

Northeast Arts District Banner   Northeast Arts District

The Northeast Arts District was established in 2003 in the Northeast Community. It came about as artists were forced out of the Warehouse District as loft space shot up in price during the recent estate boom. The district, which is not an official neighborhood, is centered around the old Grainbelt brewery complex at Broadway and Marshall.

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