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Minneapolis Southwest Community
Neighborhood Boundary Signs

Linden Hills East Harriet King Field Fulton Lynnhurst Tangletown Armatage Kenny Windom

Minneapolis Southwest Community

Click on a neighborhood above or scroll down to view the neighborhood boundary signs.

Armatage Neighborhood Sign   Armatage

The Armatage neighborhood was named after Maude Armatage, a long time city park commissioner who helped shape the city park and parkway system. The entire neighborhood was once a single family farm where Maude Armatage was born and lived during her childhood.

Armatage Neighborhood Sign   Armatage (New)

The Armatage Neighborhood Association installed new neighborhood boundary signs in the summer of 2009. The signs were designed by a local graphics designer, and were installed as an attempt to increase the awareness about the neighborhood within the community.

East Harriet Neighborhood Sign   East Harriet

The East Harriet neighborhood is named after Lake Harriet, which borders the neighborhood to the southwest. Lake Harriet was named after the wife of Henry Leavenworth, who was in charge of the construction of Fort Snelling in 1819.

Fulton Neighborhood Sign   Fulton

Fulton was named after the local school, which was named after Robert Fulton, the inventor of the first steam-powered boat.

Kenny Neighborhood Sign   Kenny

The Kenny neighborhood was named after Elizabeth Kenny. She developed a break-through treatment for polio, which was sweeping the nation as this neighborhood was being developed in the 1940s. Kenny traveled from Australia to Minneapolis to establish the Sister Kenny Institute in 1942.

King Field Neighborhood Sign   King Field

The King Field neighborhood is named in honor of Colonel William S. King, a prominent anti-slavery advocate. Field is a reference to the farms that existed in this area prior to it being annexed into the city of Minneapolis in 1887.

Linden Hills Neighborhood Sign   Linden Hills

Linden Hills was named after a grove of linden trees by developers in the 1880s. Linden trees are more commonly known as basswood trees. The streetcar on the sign commemorates the Lake Harriet-Como Trolley, the last remaining street car line in the city that operates.

Lynnhurst Neighborhood Sign   Lynnhurst

The Lynnhurst neighborhood was named after Lynnhurst Park, which took its name after the linden trees that are common in the area.

Tangletown Neighborhood Sign   Tangletown

Tangletown was an informal name for this area until 1996. It refers to the tangle of streets that do not follow a traditional grid pattern. The neighborhood was previously named Fuller after the Fuller Elementary School which was named after poet Margaret Fuller.

Windom Neighborhood Sign   Windom

The Windom neighborhood is named after the Windom Elementary School. The school is named after Senator William Windom, who also served as the US Secretary of the Treasury. The Windom Park neighborhood is also named in honor of Windom.

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